Epicurious Erin Catering


It's me!I fell in love with food because I cannot tell a lie.

At the tender age of 10, my teacher asked our class who helped their parents with chores. Question after question came and the kids raised their hands for things like vacuuming, dusting and taking out the garbage. But I couldn't say yes to any; I didn't have chores! So when she asked if anyone helped their mother's cook I quickly raised my hand (a wicked lie). Riddled with guilt I rushed home after school to make my lie a truth...and it worked. I found I had a knack for throwing things in a pan and creating something tasty & inventive and I've had a scandalous love affair with food ever since...sometimes sweet, sometimes sour and always sassy .

This is a love story - one that's rooted in the traditions and intricacies of hundreds of years of Italian & French cuisines, but fueled by new and exciting ingredients. It's the strength of parsley, the wit of tarragon and the boldness of cilantro. I have a passion for cooking...and I want to share it with you.

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